Our history dates back to the early 16th century, the village of Lammi is mentioned in documents as early as 1508. In 1540, the story of the estate begins. Back then the village of Lammi had two houses, one of them  was called Lammi Laurila (now Villa Tauro).  

An interesting historical detail from the point of view of astrology is that the astrologer Sigfridus Aronus Forsius (1560 - 1624), visited Somero in the summer of 1599. He was a social influencer of his time, professor of astronomy in Uppsala, teacher in Tallinn, priest in Kemiö and Ekenäs - and an astrologer and publisher of almanacs. 

The current main building for private use was built between 1911 and 1915 and the café building originally built in 1915 (opened as a café in 2013). The other buildings on the farm have been renovated into a horoscope park in 2003-2020.

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